What a day!

We love to see how much people like your brands, and the bloggers from Bilbao, could not stop trying all go them, taking pictures and having a good time.

This was the first time that we held an event in the showroom and the truth is that the experience could not have been better.

They had the scoop to see the AW18 season of both A Fish Named Fred and Freaky Nation, and they fell in love. And so did we! Soon we will show you more projects that we all have together and that we assure you, you will love them!

Bilbosoul, Helwahwah, Borja Elorza, Manu Rivas, Sara Muñoz, Nuria (Nurilove), Vanesa (Melita), Ainhize Ruiz, Luis Iturregui, Olga Zulueta, Steewen & Borja González

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